Theses resources will show you how to pursue charges for various crimes broken down by state.  You will also find the laws of each state that give law enforcement and prosecutors the authority to arrest and charge out those crimes. Links to state forms, court websites, and other information are also located here,

The federal government does have laws that states must follow when dealing with cases of domestic violence and sexual assault. Links to those laws as well as the agencies that can help are located here.

As a victim, speaking with members of law enforcement is inevitable. But, what happens when they won’t listen or help? You force their hand. Located in this section are things I, and others, have done when dealing with law enforcement to ensure our cases are properly reported, investigated and charged out.


Unfortunately you will hit roadblocks in your pursuit of justice; that is how our system is built. Being your own biggest advocate will show law enforcement and the courts that you are serious and are willing to see things through to the end, If you are feeling deterred or just unsure how to even start making a report these resources will help.


Whether you are pursuing criminal charges or civil action(s) against an abuser these are resources to show you how to do things yourself. Sometimes finding an attorney can be difficult but it is possible to do some things alone or Pro Se as it is called in the legal world,


You are not alone. Sadly, many victims are facing the same issues with having an abuser held accountable for their actions. Here is where you can go to find support, words of encouragement and hope from others who have, or are currently, facing the same struggles.